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Looking to break into the PEO industry as a broker?

Insurance Agency owner looking for more options?

Already a PEO professional/broker?


GREAT. We want to help grow your revenue like never before.


GARRETTRICHARD was founded to do two things:

     1. Help clients receive a customized solution for their insurance and payroll needs.

     2. Bring back the back office support to new and existing brokers and offer them superior commission structures with access to multiple PEOs.


We've taken the experience as former PEO owners, insurance agency owners, underwriters, and sales managers and combined it into an broker experience that works for YOU and YOUR clients. No more having to force issues. Find solutions that WORK.


We understand the process. What changes the sell-point (deductibles, collateral, pay cycles, paper ratings, check swap, pricing) no longer has to be a disadvantage to you. We can place your PEO business where it can be SOLD, at a high commission to you, with no expense to our staff.


Asking where's the catch?


There is none. It's a win-win-win for the PEO-Broker-Client. PEOs out there acknowledge the value of having a staff that collects submissions in a correct manner, priced adequately, and with all the necessary documentation and support to make a sale. This saves them time and money. We are compensated for that service to them. However, we take nothing out of your commission check. We do NOT get paid on your commissions. You'll be getting a flat rate from us, regardless of the PEO, which you may find is better than direct.  Your clients will appreciate being in the correct place, at the correct price, too.


Give us a call and let us WORK for YOU.




-ACCESS to major PEO carriers and providers.


- FLAT commission structure, regardless of PEO.

    No more "bargaining" for the structure you want.


-COMPETITIVE commissions

    You'll find we pay more than most do direct.


-OFFICESTAFF included, at no fee.

    Our staff is made up of former underwriters, sales managers, PEO owners and insurance agency owners. Regardless of the question, we will help provide solutions with pricing, underwriting, documentation and enrollment  at no cost. Our staff is your staff. We work for you.



    We don't require any minimum production and we don't have any deadlines. We aim to create a relationship that you'll want to work with on a daily basis, not because you have to.



    Need supplementals, questionnaires, or amendums? We've got you covered. Our marketing and support staff is ready to help you write business.



   Don't know where to start? Get lost along the way? No problem. Our staff can help clear up your issues and get you back to writing business.