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By combining your payroll and worker's compensation together, you save a lot of time, which we realize, equals money. PEOs combine your payroll, taxes, and workers' compensation into one invoice. Know that you're employees are paid, your tax responsibility is paid, and your workers' compensation insurance is paid with just one check.


Additionally, since the PEO is handling your payroll, your workers' compensation premium is automatically pay-as-you-go. No more year-end audits, either.


At GARRETTRICHARD we have a staff second-to-none in the PEO industry. We have former PEO owners, underwriters, pricing specialists, sales managers, infrastructure and software developers and benefit directors at your disposal. In addition, we're all licensed insurance agents as well.


Our difference? Our business was made to work for YOU. GARRETTRICHARD's founding principle was and continues to be to work for the client. Unlike other agencies we don't have deadlines or minimums (quotas) to fill. We don't have any contracts or requirements forcing us to place business here or there or for how much.


What this means is we don't force a product that you don't need, don't want, or can't afford on you because we have a deadline to make. We will find a customized solution that works for you and your business. Add that with over 40 years of combined PEO and insurance experience amongst our staff and you'll begin to feel the difference in service.


In addition, when GARRETTRICHARD is your PEO representative, if you ever have a problem or become unsatisfied for ANY reason, we have the ability to resolve the issue with the PEO internally, or find a PEO willing to work for you. We represent our clients, not the PEO.


We have brokers throughout the Southeastern United States that work with GARRETTRICHARD for this exact reason. They know we find the best place to put their clients.


Let us take an honest look at your insurance and payroll situation and we will find a solution that WORKS for YOU.









Some of the PEO Advantages:


One Check

   -One check per pay cycle covers your payroll, tax (FICA, FUTA, SUTA), and workers' compensation responsibilities. Put more time into your trade, not the checkbook.


SUTA Rates

   -Have alot of turnover? Lock in a lower SUTA rate. Imagine the savings even a 1% change could have.


No Year-End Audits

    -Simple as that. No year-end audits on Workers' Compensation.


Pay-as-you-go Workers' Compensation 

    -Pay for coverage you need, nothing you don't.


"A" Paper

     -In construction? Need "A" paper? We out multiple outlets with AM BEST A+ (15) ratings.


High-Risk OK

     -Does your business operate in high-risk operations? GARRETTRICHARD specializes in construction and high-risk exposures.


Poor Claims History? Getting Non-Renewed?

     -Things happen. We understand that and can find a solution with a PEO that works for you and get you the coverage you need to continue to operate and get you back on track.



     -Want to add benefits to your plan? PEOs have great access to a multitude of benefit providers to build onto your included services.


Human Resources

     -Have an HR issue or an HR question? Most PEOs have strong internal HR departments at your disposal.